How to fix PS4 Pro 4K TV Resolution Problem

PS4 Pro as promised to deliver 4K output is falling apart on users view point. There are ample of issues faced, and yet no possible solutions can give 100% confirmation that it will work. We bring you a small fix, that can help you to get the display working, but accuracy is not fail-safe. So this is just a small setting change that can help you to get a display, but if this fails, do share your comments.

PS4 Pro 4K TV

PS4 Pro 4K Resolution Error Fix:

  1. The process to modify the HDCP Settings for PS4 Pro. That worked for a few users.
  2. First you will need to find out whether the HDMI Port of your TV features 60hz refresh rate or not. You can check that in the specification as per your TV model number.
  3. Connect the console with the TV through HDMI cable on the port. If it is not or below 60Hz, then this fix is not work.
  4. Now Turn on the TV first. Then hold the power button of your PS4 to get two beeps. Release it to boot the console in Safe Mode.
  5. Go down and select Set HDCP Mode. Choose 1. And reboot the console.

How to enable 4K Resolution on PS4 Pro on TV:

  1. Turn off your console, hold the power button to get two beeps, release it to turn it on safe mode.
  2. Then choose Change Resolution and select yuv420 for 2K or other, test a few one by one by turning the console on.
  3. If this fails, again go in Set HDCP Mode and set it to automatic

The above solutions might work in most of the case if your TV is not too outdated. Officially LG has said that they might release a Firmware in future for LG models, to fix the issue. But they had also emphasized in working on the connectivity part, checking the right type of compatible cables, and matching with proper display port is what they suggest could be a fix now. In simple words check the LG TV Specification for 4K Support and HDR and then only buy it.

Sony on the other side ensures, the issue is with the TV set not with the console, so there are less chances to get any kind of fixes from the manufacturer’s end. We appreciate many users’ efforts on working with various solutions and sharing it on web to finally get true 4K experience on their huge TV’s.