How to fix PS4 Pro Disc Read Error

PS4 Pro is the newest console with upgraded hardware but can give problem sometimes due to internal hardware faults or basic issues. One among them is Disc Read Error. This was common in the older version as well, this can be due to bad disc, scratches, etc. So we bring you a few tips that can help you to work on the same. But we recommend not doing any kind of hardware changes in the console that can cause your warranty problems. Certain videos on YouTube shows tear down of the console with replacement of its optical drive, a solution for pro users, which is also risk.

PS4 Pro Disc Read Error

Test with Demo Disc First:

The console comes with a demo disc, which can be used to test it. Run it first and then test your existing games. If the demo disc works well then the problem is with the disc. Try cleaning it with soft cloth, re-insert it back. Avoid using it multiple times if you keep on getting errors.

Rest Mode:

Rest Mode is like sleep mode or hibernation in system. It is a common cause of disc read error in previous consoles.

Restart PS4 Pro:

Turn off the console first after removing the disk. Turn it on back after sometime and then insert the disc. Ensure that the disc is not very old.

Rebuild Database:

Boot PS4 Pro in safe mode by turning it off first, and then hold the power button till you get two beeps. In safe mode choose Rebuild Database. Later turn it off back and then switch it on. Insert the disc and test.

Software Update:

Check for new system patches and updates. In previous version this issue was resolved by a system update. There are chances that Sony might release an update if many users are facing the same kind of problem.

So these are common fixes, but if nothing helps then the last option is only alternative left. Some of the online forums have post shared by users who had tear down the console to fix the optical drive manually, which cannot be suitable for everyone.