How to fix The Crew PC Crashes, Lagging and Freezing Issues, Preload, Mission Marker and more

The multiplayer racing game The Crew is developed for the platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 port. It is set in an open world environment. The races in The Crew are across the United States.The single player mission is 20 hours long and there are even some mini games for developing the skills. In the multiplayer mode maximum, 8 players can compete. Here is the guide for solving various issues a player can face while playing the game.

The Crew

How to fix The Crew PC Issue and Errors:

Lagging and Freezing Issues

The Lagging and Freezing issue can be checked by meeting up the minimum system requirements for The Crew. You must keep the system loaded with the latest drivers. Upgrading the drivers becomes easier by using any legit driver updating tool available.

Random Crash issues

To solve the Random crashes always keep your Drivers updated. The important reason for the crashing of the game is out dated versions of drivers. As said earlier you can use an appropriate driver updating tool for upgrading. Having the latest version of DirectX will also solve this issue.

Uplayerinstaller.exe Issue

If you are facing any sort of issue or the game crashes due to corrupt Uplayerinstaller.exe the first thing you must do is to check your Steam Account and verify the game cache. After verifying the game cache second thing to do is to restart the game.

Preload Issues

The Preload error issue for The Crew the simple solution is to restart your Steam. And even then if the problem persists, the final solution I suggest is to redownload the game.

Mission Marker Issue

The solution for solving this issue is very much simple, just restart the game. But if the same issue arises again you need to go to your Steam to verify the game cache files.