How to Fly in Fallout 4 with Vertibird Support

 How to Fly in Fallout 4 with Vertibird Support

In Fallout 4 every player has their own personal choice on how they want to play the game, view the society and plan for the long run. Every faction you come across in the game will provide you an extra ability that you can make use for the betterment of the players and gameplay. This Fallout 4 guide will provide you details on How to fly in Fallout 4 with Vertibird Support.

Fallout 4

Vertibird support is one of these abilities that are a machine gun mounted to an aircraft. The Vertibird support can be used to pickup and drop you wherever you want to go back like heading back home after collecting the resources.

You can find one of these Faction abilities near the docks and Boston commons. You can also use to attack the Raiders and Mutants for easy kills. You need to join the Brotherhood of Steal in order to unlock this support. Once you are part of the Brotherhood, it is important to complete the first quest Shadow of Steel. Now they will award you with Vertibird Signal Grenade along with Knight Status.

Now just make sure you do not lose the Brotherhood of Steel group’s favor as long as you need the Vertibird support. Once you get your hands on the Vertibird, go Fly and explore the Wasteland and Enjoy the game.

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