How to Gain or Lose Health in Osiris: New Dawn

The Spacesuit in Osiris: New Dawn is your best friend in the hostile environment like Planet Proteus 2. Health is a statistics measuring the amount of life left in your Astronaut before he is dead on the planet. This guide will show easy tricks on how to gain and lose health in the game along with tips to survive longer. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Tricks.

How to Gain or Lose Health

How to Lose Health

Having Space suit is not enough as there are chances that you can die if it’s damaged or oxygen runs out. Any Breach in the space suit will cause the environment to intrude on your body and here are the few examples:

  1. Suffocation due to no Oxygen
  2. Getting caught in a Meteor rain
  3. Challenging Aliens by attacking
  4. Starvation and hunger can lead to death
  5. Encountering a Hostile Astronaut of other factions
  6. Overheating or Freezing due to Temperature difference
  7. Exposure to extremes of Pressure can lead to explosion

How to Gain Health

Whenever you see any Damage to your Spacesuit you must use Bandage (repairs damage +40% to suit integrity) or a Medikit. Restore a decent amount of health by using the bed or sleeping bag in the inflatable dome. The Best way not to die is to keep an eye on your Space suit’s reading:

  • O2 – Oxygen Level
  • C° – Temperature in Degree Celsius
  • Psi – Pressure in Pounds/square inch
  • Hyd – Hydration and Nutrition meter
  • Hlth – Space Suit Health and Status

Lastly, avoid all the situations for losing health given above. Do check our Osiris: New Dawn Wiki to know more about the game and resource location coordinates.