How to Get 48 Slot Starship for Free in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Beyond

In No Man’s Sky, as soon as you start exploring the planets you quickly run out of the inventory limit which is also one of the challenges player faces. Inventory Slots are valuable, so the more slots you have the more resources and upgrades you can carry. This No Man’s Sky trick will help you get 48 Slot in your Ship without spending a single unit.

How to Get 48 Slot Starship for Free

How to Get 48 Slot Ship

From the start, your starship has only 15 inventory slots to use. Now in order to increase your inventory slots for your StarShip you need to purchase a new ship which will cost you huge amount of Units. The maximum inventory slots for a ship is 48 and if you follow the below trick you can upgrade your Ship’s inventory slot to 48 without spending any Unit.

  1. Land on any Planet
  2. Look for an outpost with Red Laser(needs Bypass Chip)
  3. Select the Transmission option to get Transmission Tower location
  4. Enter the Tower and interact with the object(puzzle)
  5. If solved properly, you get a distressed signal
  6. Follow the signal
  7. Tada! New Ship with Higher Slot acquired
  8. Transfer your Items and Repair it.
  9. Collect more and Enjoy.

If having trouble finding the Transmission Tower waypoint then try the next planet. While repairing the Ship, only look for thrusters and pulse drive. And thus you get new ships and upgraded slots, do check our No Man’s Sky Wiki to know more trick and cheats for the game.