How to Get Abraxo Cleaner and Sugar Bombs Power Armor Paint Jobs in Fallout 4 Contraption

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In the Contraption Workshop DLC, players have already started their exploration of the newly added add-ons which can help you build the machines from the scratch. Along with the machinery, Bethesda also added two new Power Armor Paint Job – Abraxo Cleaner and Sugar Bombs. This guide will show you how to get those added Paint Jobs to your Power Armor.

How to Get Abraxo Cleaner and Sugar Bombs

How to Get Abraxo Cleaner and Sugar Bombs Power Armor Paint Jobs

Just like the Vim! Pop Power Armor Paint Job, Contraption DLC has two new advertising paint jobs as an add-on. Also, these paint jobs are only applicable for T-51 Power Armor. Finding and applying this Paint Jobs are easy. If you do not have the Power Armor then check out our Guide to locate T-51 Power Armor Set. Just follow the steps below and get your T-51 Power Armor painted.

All you need to do is use the ‘Yellow Rid’ Power Armor Station to enable the option for these two Paint Jobs. Select the Mod Slot a then in the Material Mod Slot Menu you get certain options. Both the Paint Job doesn’t require any perks or resources, but they do provide some bonuses with the Suit.

If You Paint T-51 with Abraxo Cleaner(All Pieces)

  • Increase Your Agility

If You Paint T-51 with Sugar Bombs(All Pieces)

  • Increase Your Strength

This was all about the add-on Pain Jobs, if you want to know about the Human Cannonball in Contraption then do check out the Shoot Companions Guide. Enjoy.