How to get all Far Cry 4 20 Lost Letters, Precise Location and Description Guide

Far Cry4 developed by Ubisoft, in which the player plays the role of Ajay Ghale, caught in the civil war taking place in the Himalayan region. Player has to decide which side to choose, the endings will be different depending on the side considered.

Far Cry 4

How to get all Far Cry 4’s 20 Lost Letters

Lost Letter 1: Robert, June 1819

  • Coordinates: x:373 y:501
  • Location: You will find letter with skeleton in the Chamber inside the Smuggler’s Portage cave.

Lost Letter 2: Charlotte, July 1819

  • Coordinates: x:302 y:504
  • Location: To get to the Skeleton with letter you need to get inside the Harlyo Ghupa cave. You will get there by climbing onto the grappling ledge.

Lost Letter 3: Robert, Aug 1819

  • Coordinates: x:370 y:602
  • Location: You will find the letter at the foot of monster statue. To find the statue you need to move to the coordinates and reach the Yashini’s Ecstasy by jumping into the well. You will come across a stream below, swim to the memorial and you will find the statue.

Lost Letter 4: Charlotte, Aug 1819

  • Coordinates: x:490 y:558
  • Location: To get the letter move inside the Yalung’s Mind cave at the coordinates and get to the end.

Lost Letter 5: Robert, Sept 1819

  • Coordinates: x:465 y:450
  • Location: you will find the skeleton by getting in hole which paves way to tunnel and which gives off the green light. To get to the hole you need to move to the Yalung Rot and climb the first ledge on right-side and you will find the hole.

Lost Letter 6: Charlotte, Oct 1819

  • Coordinates: x:493 y:407
  • Location: Get started by finding the entrance to Yalungs Jaw with the hell of points above. When you move towards the centre of the cave you will find a skeleton.

Lost Letter 7: Charlotte, Nov 1819

  • Coordinates: x:553 y:453
  • Location: Go to the coordinates at Kalinag’s Descent, use hanging ropes to get to the first grapple point keep moving up to ledge on left side to reach the second grapple point. You will come across a gap and wooden log cross them to reach third grapple point toward the waterfall. Then move down towards the room with a statue.

Lost Letter 8: Robert, Nov 1819

  • Coordinates: x:586 y:611
  • Location: To fetch the letter you need to get inside the cave, entrance of cave is through the doorway in the house.

Lost Letter 9: Charlotte, Nov 1819

  • Coordinates: x:312 y:324
  • Location: Move to the Kyra’s Slumber to find it.

Lost Letter 10: Robert, Dec 1819

  • Coordinates: x:274 y:561
  • Location: Move to the cave above coordinates and there you will see a skeleton with a backpack towards the end. This is where you will get your letter.

Lost Letter 11: Charlotte, Jan 1820

  • Coordinates: x:393 y:660
  • Location: This one can be fetched at the extreme end behind Yalung’s Seed cave.

Lost Letter 12: Robert, Jan 1820

  • Coordinates: x:424 y:700
  • Location: To get this one move towards the center of Rato Lagoon and search for tiny island.

Lost Letter 13: Charlotte, Feb 1820

  • Coordinates: x:450 y:756
  • Location: Get started at the coordinates and moving ahead you will find a ledge that will lead you to Banashur’s Refuge and you will find another site close by with the collectible.

Lost Letter 14: Robert, March 1820

  • Coordinates: x:407 y:773
  • Location: Get to the first grapple point by getting started at the coordinates, after reaching the point ascend using ropes to enter KEO Logistics and then you will find a building on the east-side with a slot underneath the stairs. This is the venue where you will find your letter.

Lost Letter 15: Robert, April 1820

  • Coordinates: x: 592 y: 794
  • Location: You will come across a watercourse while moving to the coordinates, chase the watercourse to the KEO mine. Get to the given map location and you will find the letter.

Lost Letter 16: Charlotte, May 1820

  • Coordinates: x:690 y:686
  • Location: Move to the Svarglya Takataki Camp, after entering go to right-side and you will come across a ledge. This ledge will lead you to the tall building and the foot of the tower you will find the skeleton with the letter.

Lost Letter 17: Charlotte, June 1820

  • Coordinates: x:708 y: 811
  • Location: You will find the letter bag in a place back of the Yalung’s Belly.

Lost Letter 18: Robert, June 1820

  • Coordinates: x:784 y:627
  • Location: Get to the Skeleton with the letter by moving up the hill slope and the bridge is in the Kira Ki Sansa.

Lost Letter 19: Robert, July 1820

  • Coordinates: x:795 y:807
  • Location: You will find the letter at the top of the cave with skeleton. To get there you need to move above Lieutenant’s Rest to fetch the First ledge to uncover the letter. Keep climbing to reach a spot. You will come across a log, use it as a bridge and get across the other spot. And then you will see a cave above it you will find the letter with skeleton.

Lost Letter 20: Charlotte, March 1820

  • Coordinates: x:528 y:653
  • Location: Move inside the KEO mine and then to the dead-end.