How to get all the Bloodborne PS4 Armours

Customizing your character in any game gives a feeling of your personality being displayed in that game and wearing fancy amours add to the charm. Here is a guide on how to get all the Bloodborne Armours.


Father Gascoigne Gear

You will need ten insights to be able to buy this gear from the Hunters Dream, sadly you cannot get this gear without the fixed number of insights. This gear has a very good arcane resistance.

Hunter Gear

To get the Hunter Gear you need to go forward from the Graveyard in the central Yharnam where you will find a beast banging a door. Go up from here and take the stairs where you will face warewolfs. Go to the other side and break open the crates. Drop down from the ledges, not all the way to the rats, stop before you have to face them. Be sure that you kill all the enemies before you kill the rats. After you kill the rats follow the water till you find Hunter Gears.

Top Hat

You will find the Top Hat in the Oeden Chapel if you go through the door leading to the Graveyard. Go to the tree behind a few tombstone to find the Hunter Armor and a Top Hat. Be quick and exit the area before you come across more enemies.

Bone Ash Armor

If you kill a hunter in Byrgenweth Bone Ash Armour will be unlocked.

White Church Gear

You will find this Armour in the Forbidden Forest. All you have to do is look for the cages filled with dogs, at this location you will see a building which is the highest of all. Near this building look for a ladder and climb up. You will see some crows who will bother you, get rid of them if you wish to. The Armour is located ta the top of this building.

Yahar’ Gukl Black Garb

Players can get their hands on this gear before they come across Red Moon. If that has not happened yet, reach the Hypogean Gaol way point and go right to the carriage. Eliminate all the enemies that come in your path. On the carriage you will find an Armour.

Black Church Gear

You will find this gear in the later parts of the game. When you reach the Cathedral way point take it to the Hunter Chief Emblem area. You can also go through the Graveyard and reach the stairs, now pass the enemy who is holding an axe. Keep moving further till you come out on the street with doors and windows having NPCs. You will find what you are looking for on this street.

Student Uniform

If you want to be equipped with the Student Uniform, search for it in the chest, in the Manor at Byrgenweth. You will have an interesting hunter to fight with on your path.