How to get Billionaire Infinite money and Free Crystals


Billionaire is the game in which you have to become the richest person in the world. Buy loads of businesses and get richer, its a city building game where you have to make more and more money and also earn crystals which is the premium currency. The tips and tricks given below will have you earn lots of money and free crystals.


How to get Billionaire Infinite money and Free Crystals

Money Making:

You have to build more and more buildings to make money. They also max out, so collect the money as often as possible when you get the chance. Remember this while constructing a building tap on the building until its finished again and again to get it into use faster or you can also spend crystals to complete it.

Upgrading Building:

Before they stop making money you need to upgrade your buildings and avoid that. You will increase their hourly output and the maximum amount of money that they can hold by upgrading the building. Because of this, the building threat level also increases and you don’t want that to happen.

Low Threat Level:

The threat level has to be low or you can get convicted. Stay low on the threat level by minimizing the expenditures and maximizing your income. When you do get convicted you either have to wait awhile to get out of jail, or you can spend cash or crystals to get out early.

Overnight Money with no Risks:

Look for the buildings with highest maximum cash first to make overnight money. These buildings have a low threat levels so you can forget about getting convicted.

Easy crystal earning:

Some achievements when completed will give you free crystals and also share this on Facebook and Twitter for even more bonus crystals. Logging into Facebook also gives you 20 free crystals.