How to get Destiny Exotic items, Engrams, Weapons, Vanguard Armory and more Talking to The Tower NPCs

Destiny Wanted Bounty Location For June 2

Like in other multiplayer games, Destiny also has an interesting way of telling the games story along with in the form of non-player characters or NPCs, who sell or exchange Destiny Exotic items, Engrams, Weapons, Vanguard Armory and more by going near them and talking. They give you information about various features of the game.

While playing Destiny, The Tower is a location where you can ‘hang-out.’ This is where you get the freedom of making friends and teaming up to go on a co-op mission or wage war in the Crucrible and also learn more about the game.


Check out the following list of Destiny NPCs, here is where you can find them, talk to them and do business:

Tower North

  • Eve Levante

You can Visit her to peruse her impressive selection of rare and common Emblems.

  • Executor Hideo

By using politics New Monarchy members reconstructs the Golden Age. Has a wealth of knowledge about the universe.

  • The Speaker

The Speaker helps you to learn about the Traveler if you want.

Tower Plaza

  • Kadi 55-30

Kadi is the most human of all the droids on the Tower, who should be good to speak to. It’ll hang onto items sent your way after finishing Crucible matches, missions or patrols.

  • Xander 99-40

Xander tracks all the Bounties. Bungie recommends using mobile companion application of destiny before taking on some of these Bounties, so that you combine it together in the best way possible.

  • Tess Everis

Shes the Awoken. She can get you the items that are hard to find outside the capital

  • Master Rahool

This guy will turn your engrams into different items

  • Banshee 44

Gives you informations about weapons.

Hall of Guardians

  • Commander Zavala

The City protector sells different different items to the Titans.

  • Lord Shaxx

The highly exalted one will offer you an invitation to enter The Crucible (multiplayer), along with high-level gear providing you earn what Bungie calls Crucible Marks in PvP.

  • Cayde-6

Sells gear to Hunters.

  • Arcite 99-40

He is not the nicest one but sells you something you will be interested in.

Tower Hangar

  • Arach Jalaal

​Jalaal has high-level Dead Orbit gear for the Crucible. Let him ramble on while you peruse his wares.

  • Lakshmi-2

You have to earn Crucible marks from PvP to do business with her. That’s the only way you can purchase all that cool Future War Cult Crucible gear.

  • Amanda Holiday

In need of a ship you can go to amanda she has some blueprints also of spacecraft which will take time to research.

  • Roni 55-30

Unlock the Vanguard Armory and then visit Roni to buy cool Vanguard weaponry