How to get Destiny Vanguard Armoury for Xbox One and PS4

 How to get Destiny Vanguard Armoury for Xbox One and PS4

The highly anticipated Destiny has finally arrived and gamers are garbing this opportunity with both the hands. But particular content does not seem to be available for each and every one of us, like the Vanguard Armoury. But do not worry, every issue has a solution. Follow these simple steps to get assets to Vanguard Armoury for Xbox One and PS4.


How to get Destiny Vanguard Armoury for Xbox One:

This is becoming quite a pain for Xbox users, but here is a solid solution to get access to the Armoury for Xbox. All you need to do is download and install one file. This file was supposed to be downloaded by default but a certain bug is preventing this from happening on the Xbox consoles.

  • From the Xbox Home Menu, go to Destiny and start it.
  • Now select Manage game
  • If you click on the right section you will see an 8.8 MB file named “Vanguard Armoury,” download and install it.
  • Now the last step is restarting your Xbox console

Run the game and you will have access to Vanguard Armoury.

How to get Destiny Vanguard Armoury for PS4

Click here for the Vanguard Armoury for PS4 video, but if you are still confused, go through the following steps to get access to Vanguard Armoury for PS4.

There is a very simple and basic solution if you are having issues with the Vanguard Armoury for PS4. Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > PSN > Restore Licenses

Making this minor change worked for many gamers, and it is recommended to do so first.

  • But if you are still not having access to the Vanguard Armoury, then completely turn off your PS4 system after renewing the license and wait for some time. Turn it back on, and start the game.

Don’t forget to mention in the comment section if you are still having trouble with Vanguard Armoury or other items in Destiny.