How To Get Destiny’s New Exotic Weapon Sleeper Simulant

 How To Get Destiny’s New Exotic Weapon Sleeper Simulant

Another Destiny’s story comes to an end – here’s everything you need to know to unlock successfully the new exotic weapon Sleeper Simulant. To begin with, you have to run The First Firewall mission, going to the Cosmodrome, taking and completing it you will get an item called Curious Transceiver.

Destiny: The Taken King Sleeper Simulant How To Guide

You will have to introduce two sequences into the Curious Transceiver, here’s both of them:



Entering the correct sequence will let you access a new quest, which will ask you to speed run Cayde’s tower in under four minutes. Complete this quest and get the Ikelos Fusion Core, you will need to repair it before you can use, so here’s the list of steps you’ve got to make.

  • Complete the Archive mission on Venus
  • Dismantle a heavy weapon (any)
  • Complete the Warsat defense Public Events on Earth, Moon and Mars
  • Once done this, bring the core to Banshee at the Tower.

Finally, you can get The Sleeper Stirs quest from Banshee. This quest will require you to defeat the Fallen SABER Strike at light level 280, and will reward you with the Sleeper Simulant Weapon Frame, which you’ll have to bring to Banshee at the Tower in change of the Sleeper Simulant. You want it because it’s an Exotic Fusion Rifle with 290 Attack. Its laser cuts through enemies and ricochets off hard surfaces.