How to get easy Resources from Scrap in Fallout 4

 How to get easy Resources from Scrap in Fallout 4

Resources in Fallout 4 are very useful for crafting recipes, upgrading melee for automatic machine guns turrets to modification of new weapons. Resources can be obtained through various activities and quests, but this Fallout 4 Guide will provide you details on how to obtain unique resources from the world scrap.

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How to Get Resources from Workbench

From a beginners point of view, you must know how to scrap buildings, furniture and different level actors like wood, steel and concrete which are into the base building blocks. You must be a range in the Workbench in order to grab the resources from this blocks. If you are a Range in Workbench then try Holding ‘V’ to access the workbench mechanics.

Once you do it check out the item you need to grab from the scrap and then press ‘R’ to bring down the menu which will prompt you about the scrapping the specific item. If you press yes after selecting the item, it will disappear from the world and get can be now found in the Workbench.

How to get Resources from Weapons and Armor

All you need to do is drop the item(Weapon/Armor) to be scraped within the boundaries of Workbench. Then press ‘V’ and look at the item and then press ‘R’, a screen will appear and take the weapons and place it into the workbench.

How to Access the Workbench/Scrapped Resources

Simply Press the ‘Transfer’ key(‘R’ default) in the Workbench menu to transport the scrapped resources.

List of all the Scrapped Resources:


Batteries have acid and insect parts like bloat flies, bloodsuckers to contain Acid.


Wonder glue and duct tape are the only items that can provide you the Adhesive.


Look out for the Aluminum cans


Antiseptics can be obtained from Abraxo Cleaners


Abraxo Cleaners, rat poison, loot shops and super duper marts for Abraxos. The Industrial abraxo cleaners offers 2x loot.


Skulls, teeth from insects and animals.


Try Scrapping dinner plates, cups and mugs.


Shoot machine gun turrets, and scrap their advanced circuits and targeting cards.


Kill raiders and scrap their leather or basic clothing, sofas and cloth chairs.


Try with and ruined houses as this are pretty hard to get in large amounts, buy bags of plaster or scrap cinder blocks.


Various metal items, broken light bulbs from scrapping lamp posts.


Check the Bag of Fertilizer


Scrap the weapons and Rat poison.


Scrap toasters


Empty glass bottles like Nuka cola, and other drinks


Gold pocket watches, jewelry drop from ghouls, this is the only easiest way to acquire gold.


Pencils and batteries.


Scrap raider costume

Nuclear material

Only use it when you have more in stock otherwise, be on the lookout for any board game, as there is a specific board game in Shawn’s room that provides one nuclear material per game.


Used oil items like to flip lighters of any kind, gas canisters


Rubber tires on the road


Check out for mechanical items and toys like the toy car and toasters.


Silver forks, silver spoons, silver knives and light, unless you aren’t short on caps. Make sure you don’t use the silver pocket watch as it has more value.


Flip lighters, various mechanical items.


Ruined cars, Ruined houses, chairs, furniture, in general, toasters, toolboxes, lamp posts, rubble and metal melee weapons like tire irons.


Scrapping trees, common furniture in houses, Picket fences, trees with branches should provide more than enough to make this the most common resource in the game.

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