How to get extra Crossy Road Gift boxes and Coins, Mascots, Planes and more, Tips and Tricks

Crossy Road a new game for iOS was released on 20th November,2014.Crossy Road is also available for Android. It is developed by Andy Sum, Matt Hall, and Ben Weatherall with the company Hipster Whale. It is an hopping game. The player plays as a chicken or other Mascots in the game. One has to score as many points he can by crossing different obstacles in the way.

There are obstacles such as rivers, trees, boulders, cars and trains. Maintaining the timing of the movement is must in this game. This guide will give you tips for gaining more and more points.

Crossy Road

How to get extra Crossy Road Gift boxes and Coins, Mascots, Planes and more, Tips and Tricks:

Quick Movements:

As you go further the stages scoring points become difficult. Make sure you make quick and perfect jumps. Tap as fast as you can when you need to. Faster you tap you will get perfect jumps. And the obstacles will go on increasing as you go ahead in the game.

Gift boxes and Coins:

The gift box of coins can be earned while playing. They pop up after few minutes. This coins can be used to purchase the Mascots for playing. The Gift box may take time to reappear after every gift. You need to check the gifts often and keep a look on the coins you earn on each stage of the game.


The players can purchase different animals as Mascots to play the Crossy Road. One can even purchase with real money. But if you want them to earn for free, you need to collect more and more coins and gift boxes. The collected coins must be spent to unlock more animals in the prize box. The animals in these boxes may repeat.


The Plane is the major obstacle where there are chances to die. Once you get caught by the plane it is difficult to escape. Start quick jumping as soon as you see a plane coming by. Move away from its way. Avoid collision.

Swipes and Tapping:

The player scores point for every tap he makes. But the swipes to the side do not yeild any points. The swipes are simply to move away from the obstacles and make your way easy for tapping.