How to get Far Cry 4 Rare Animals/Skins, Locations Guide, and Extra Karma

Just like in Far Cry 3, Far Cry 4 also features a huge umber of exotic animals who’s skins are worth a small fortune. Go through the list of animals and their exact location in Far Cry 4.

The plot of this game follows the character of Ajay Ghale, a Kyrati raised in America who is returning to his homeland to disperse his deceased mother’s ashes after leaving with his mother at age three, either to escape Min’s regime or as punishment for his mother having apparently sired a daughter with Min some time after Ajay’s birth.

Far Cry 4

How to get Far Cry 4 Rare Animals/Skins

Black Water Dragon

  • Location:

x:346 y:381

  • How to acquire:

Kill the Black Water Dragon with explosives

Ghost Bear

  • Location:

x:695 y:620

  • How to acquire:

Kill the Ghost Bear with a shotgun


  • Location:

x:381 y:572

  • How to acquire:

Kill the Karkadann rhino with a shotgun

Mad Devil

  • Location:

x:440 y:815

  • How to acquire:

Kill the Mad Devil wolf with a bow and arrow

Shadow Leopard

  • Location:

x:417 y:754

  • How to acquire:

Kill the Shadow Leopard with an assault rifle

Sky Tiger

  • Location:

x:444 y:689 (in a cave at the entrance of the narrow valley)

  • How to acquire:

Kill the Sky Tiger with an assault rifle

Thick Skin


  • x:808 y:788

How to acquire:

  • Kill the Thick Skin elephant with explosives

How to get Extra Karma in Far Cry 4

More Karma can be gained by earning more XP, CLICK HERE for a guide on how to earn more XP in Far Cry 4. Karma can be earned by taking part in events too.

  • When you reach the first level of Karma with 100 XP you will have access to Attachment Prices at -25%.
  • When you reach the second level of Karma you will unlock Guns For Hire Upgrades
  • On the third level you will get Weapon Prices at -25%
  • The fourth level of Karma will give you Guns For Hire Upgrades
  • Finally on the fifth level you can buy Location Maps for -25%