How to get Forza Horizon M. Rossi Easter Egg, Pitch Black Matte and more for Xbox, Tips and Tricks


Forza Horizon is an open-world racing video game developed by British Game Developers for the Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game consoles. If you are not sure about certain things in this game, go through this guide for getting Forza Horizon M. Rossi Easter Egg, Pitch Black Matte and to get popular.

Forza Horizon

How to get Forza Horizon M. Rossi Easter Egg

Anyone who would have played previous versions of Forza obviously would be knowing about the ever in-famous, overly aggressive A.I known as M. Rossi. Well, the crazy Italian’s back but he doesn’t participate in any of the events, be it a festival or street race and instead of that roams around Colorado, acting like he’s racing against some unseen opponent. He drives a red Hennesy Venom which is the second most powerful car for a free-roam A.I., with the most powerful being a Radical. Once, I encountered him leaving the festival grounds and heading towards Carson, in the Northwest. As he acts like he’s racing all the time, I eventually lost him as I couldn’t keep up because of my Aventador.

How to get Forza Horizon Pitch Black Matte

When you’ll paint your car, you’ll notice that the darkest matte color which is available is dark grey, and no amount of fine tuning can darken it. If you apply black decals to any matte car, you’ll get a much darker color. To get a black so deep it looks like the car itself is glitched, so paint it in any matte color and apply the square decal in black from the Primitives section, making sure it covers the entire side of the car you’re working on. And if you start off with a default matte black, the mirrors will match the best to the final product.

How to get Popular in Forza Horizon Very Quickly

To the west of the festival grounds is a country club with a golf course where you can drive on. Here, there are hills everywhere, and being off-road, drifts come quite easily. You probably need to take a high-powered AWD car, like a tuned-up Subaru and start hitting those hills. Link your air time with drifts to keep the chain going, and you could be drowning in points. You just need to be careful of not hitting some of the hills at awkward angle, because if your car tilts more than 90 degrees, the game will register it as a crash and your combo will get destroyed.