How to Get Honorable Kills in For Honor

For Honor

In the For Honor, there is an option called Honorable Kill. Honorable Kill is nothing but you need to kill the enemy on one on one battle all by yourself without any kind of help from anyone and anything. You will be given honorable kill as Order which you need to complete alone. The following guide shows how to get honorable kills in the game.

Honorable Kills For Honor

Honorable Kills in For Honor:

In the battle field, when you are playing as one on one battle, sometimes you will notice that you have got honorable kill, which means you have defeated the enemy without any help from anyone and anything.

If you are going for the Honorable Kill then make sure to engage in one on battle and avoid fighting in big groups. If the environment or surrounding do any damage to your enemy then that won’t be considered as honorable kill so make sure that there are no such factors around you.

You can’t use traps, pushing off of ledges and double-teaming etc to kill the enemy. It might not be too difficult if you are skilled enough to use your weapon with good strategies to get the honorable kill.