How to get inside Tempest from H-047c : Mass Effect Andromeda


Mass Effect Andromeda is quite full of issues and bugs, which are yet to be fixed. Bioware has promised to reveal on April 4 details regarding some of the critical issues in the game they will fix first. There are some issues that do not need the help from Bioware for example: How To Get Inside Tempest from H-047c?

Mass Effect Andromeda - Tempest from H-047c Guide

When I got onto H-047c, a planet or set of astroid fields for exploration, I found myself stuck on H-047c unable to find any way to get into Tempest. The first thing that came to my mind as I encounter this scenario: This is one of the bugs or issues that needs a fix from Bioware. But interestingly this is not a bug, but probably a game design.

Here is how this entire How to get inside Tempest from H-047c works in Mass Effect Andromeda:

When you are visiting H-047c during H-047c and Elaaden: A New World mission. Let’s say you decide to wonder around on H-047c and play some side missions, which is possible through Nomad only because an environment is not suitable. But later when you decide to go back you simply won’t be able to get inside Tempest even though the marker shows right on Tempest. The reason is H-047c environment is not suitable to get out so you have to be in Nomad only, and the trick is to call Nomad Extraction to get onto Tempest. The Nomad Extraction (Return to Tempest) key is configurable into controls option.

Default Key Bindings for Return to Tempest are:

  1. For PlayStation 4: Press Triangle
  2. For Xbox One: Press Y
  3. If you are on PC then: Press T

Mass Effect Andromeda - Tempest H-047c Trick

Some might find this tip useful and some might find it already known, Hope it helps at least few. For more interesting Mass Effect Andromeda guides like this refer to our Wiki. It carries detail on complete campaign walkthrough, tips and tricks, collectibles location, and many other things.