How to Get Legendary Pokemon Sungaleo or Lunala in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon features a rare Pokemon called Cosmog where the Pokemon Trainer must earn in order to get their hands-on the Legendaries. Pokemon Sun and Moon is finally out for Nintendo 3DS and every Pokemon Trainer is looking out for the Legendary Pokemon. This guide will show you how to get these Legendary Pokemons and easiest way to evolve Cosmog’s final forms.

How to Get Legendary Pokemon Sungaleo or Lunala

How to Get Legendary Pokemon Sungaleo or Lunala

A new Pokemon Series is introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon along with a rare Pokemon which can evolve into one of the Legendary Pokemon – Sungaleo(Pokemon Moon) or Lunala(Pokemon Sun). So before we begin with the Legendary unlocks let’s have a look at Cosmog and his leveling.

How to get Cosmog – Psychic-type

Cosmog is a secret Pokemon and thus you need to be very smart with getting him in your Pokemon List. At one time, it was known only by the kings of Alola and their heirs, and it was called ‘the child of the stars’. So Start becoming the Alola Champion by completing the Main Quest and defeating all four Island Kahunas.

Now head back to the Altar of The Sun/Moon, enter the Portal then go to the Lake of Sun/Moon. Enter the different version you are playing, For Eg: If you are playing Pokemon Moon then enter Lake of Sun and vice versa. Walk towards the Platform at the Top of the Lake and watch to cutscene to unlock Cosmog.

Note: You can only get One Cosmog per Player

How to Unlock Sungaleo and Lunala

Now that you have Cosmog in your clan so all you need to do is level up enough to Evolve to into One of Legendary Pokemon. Cosmog will first evolve into Cosmoem starting at level 43, which evolves into either Solgaleo or Lunala starting at level 53 depending on the game it evolves in. Once you Evolve Cosmoem the Type will also change depending on the Pokemon:

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sun

  • Cosmoem Evolves into Sungaleo(Psychic / Steel)

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Moon

  • Cosmoem Evolves into Lunala(Psychic / Ghost)

Legendary Sungaleo and Legendary Lunala