How to get more Lara Croft and the Temple of Orisis Weapons, Bombs, Extra rewards and more, Tips and Tricks Guide

Lara Croft and the Temple of Orisis is co operation based four player game. it is developed by Crystal Dynamics and is the sequel of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. In these game Lara goes on an adventure to Egypt. She is on a treasure hunt. The game has lot of fun and excitement of exploring the Egyptian Temples, defeat enemies, solve puzzles, etc.

Lara Croft and theTemple of Orisis

How to get more Lara Croft and the Temple of Orisis Weapons, Bombs and Extra rewards

Weapons in the Initial Stage

At the beginning you start up with a glowing spear and a handgun. Both of them are very much useful in the initial stages of the game. You can use the Spear for destroying the orbs that may be locking some doors. While hand gun can be used for fighting with spiders and skeletons.

The glowing spear shoots a fire beam which damages everything coming in its path. but the power of this beam is bit low in the beginning, save it to use later. The power of the spear increases as you get a bracelet.

Weapons in the Later Stage

You can have additional weapons as you explore the game further. You can have a sub machine gun and a shot gun. the bullet firing becomes easy with the machine gun. it increases your power to deal with the enemies.

The Shot gun is not so fast as machine gun but has a greater range. You can use it against the major enemies.

Use different weapons in the game switch them as you need and have fun.

Use Bombs

The best tools to be used in this game series is a Bomb. You can set a timed bomb or directly explode it. You can destroy a whole area with it. The range of the bomb is displayed with a red line as you place it. Get out of that range. Also you have to move out of the range quickly after dropping a bomb. You can even win hidden gems by exploding the bomb in the blast pits. They can be identified with the glowing grounds.


The Temple of Orisis has loads items to be collected throughout the game. there are target scores given before the start of each level, you get rewards if you complete this score targets. You can even get relics, special weapons and other things to collect.

For this you must collect maximum gems you can and kill maximum number of enemies. You will earn the highest level of point value. Search extra diamonds, health, weapon refills in all possible places. Collect the Red skulls which are spread on each level.

You can even earn hidden gems by breaking the vases. There are lots of collectibles which can be unlocked in the game. Enjoy the collection with your co-ops.