How to get more NHL 15 Coins and Pucks, Tips and Tricks guide

 How to get more NHL 15 Coins and Pucks, Tips and Tricks guide

NHL 15 a video game game based on Hockey published by EA Sports. It is featuring Hockey Ultimate Team also known as HUT. The game includes collection of virtual cards, building team and competition with other players. A player needs Pucks i.e. the currency in the game to build up your team. Here are the tips to make deals, earn rewards in short earn more Pucks and Coins in the game.

NHL 15

How to get more NHL 15 Coins and Pucks

NHL 15 HUT Reddit

The NHL 15 economy is dynamic in nature. The player must keep his eye on the market scenario. The values of cards keep on changing according to the market. The available information is vast. NHL 15 HUT Reddit is a feature which keeps the player updated with all these information. It updates information about collection checklists, card values, get trading partners to build a team. hence keeping NHL 15 HUT Reddit active is very helpful.

Daily Rewards

Logging in the HUT will earn earn you some daily rewards. Even if you do not play and just log in, it will earn you approx 1200 Pucks every day. It will sum up to a decent amount in a month.

Trading time

The trading time is the most important aspect. You must know the perfect time for buying and selling. For example you can buy cards with less market value and resell them at a higher price. this will earn you a good amount of Pucks. Such transaction increases the value of card and you also earn the profit. You can apply this to various cards in the game.


Do not make mistake of directly starting to play and think that you can earn the Pucks as you’ll win some matches. You need to study the market of NHL 15, as mentioned earlier it is a dynamic market. Keep a close look on some highest paid cards, you may see after a specific time period the other player may keep it for sale at a very low auction value. By that card at this low value and then resale it at a higher rate. Be patient and earn.

Don’t Rush to Sell

This will help to earn you a small amount of Punks over a month. Do not sell the player at a low auction value. Because you can earn more by waiting for the value to rise. If you put a low valued player for auction with a bit higher price. This will help you earning a price somewhere in between the slab, you’ll also get the profit.