How to Get Munchlax In Pokemon Sun And Moon


The Munchlax is a pokemon that is being offered as a free gift during the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon. This Munchlax evolves into a “Pulverizing Snorlax” which comes with a Z-Crystal called Snorlium Z that gives the Snorlax an ability to launch a special attack (Pulverizing Pancake) in the Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Munchlax - Pokemon Sun and Moon

In order to get the Munchlax, you need to start the game and get your first pokemon. Then you need to save the game and exit. Again you need to start the game and go to Main Menu, there you need to select “Mystery Gift” and again select “Get Gift From Internet”. Then you will get a Munchlax and the Snorlium Z for Snorlax.

In order to collect your Munchlax, you need to travel to the Poke Center and talk to the guy near the healing station and he will give you Munchlax. It comes as the level 5 and all you need to do now is to evolve it into Snorlax.

The Snorlax can be evolved with the maximum affection you maintain with it. In order to do so, you need to feed it, pet it, clean the dirt on it and use it in the battles. If you manage to reach maximum affection level it will evolve in the next level up into a Snorlax. Then use the Snorlium Z stone to give it special attack ability.

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