How to Get Mythic Outfits in For Honor

In the For Honor, Mythic Outfit is the one of the best outfit you would want to have to show ff. Even so there are many different types of armors you can wear, customize and color, Mythic Outfit stands out of all as it has awesome design. The Mystic Outfit is expensive and can only be purchased using the steel. The following guide shows how to get Mythic Outfit in the game.

For Honor Mythic Outfit

Mythic Outfit in For Honor:

The Mythic Outfit is pretty much expensive. You need to gather around 15,000 steel in order to obtain this Outfit. You can earn steel by completing the matches and orders in the game or you can simply purchase the steel using the real world money from the Store.

In order to check on the Mythic Outfit and its features, select any Hero and go to the Customization tab, then go to the Appearance and then into Outfits. There you will see number of outfits, find the Mythic Outfit and scroll over to check on the custom ornament, color, pattern and effect that gets displayed on the right-hand side along with the Outfit. All the effect of the outfit showed there, comes with the Mythic outfit when you purchase it.

While purchasing costumes, you need to be careful as they are not refundable in the game. So fellows complete as many Orders as possible to get your hands on this cool Outfit or simply buy steel using real world money in order to obtain this Outfit if you can’t wait to show it off.