How to get Pocket Road Trip Boosts, Extra Bonus, Toolbox, Cars and Extra treasure, Tips and Tricks Guide


Pocket Road Trip is a new interesting endless driving game by Roof dog Games for the iOS and Android platforms. Your prime goal is to drive as far as you can without running out of gas, where you earn a nearly endless pattern of cars, to enable you to do this in what ends up being almost a card-collection style of game play, as well as the collection of cash and gold. You can further read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Road Trip!

Pocket Road Trip

How to get Pocket Road Trip Boosts, Extra Bonus, Toolbox, Cars and Extra treasure

Toolbox features:

For an extra bonus fuse a car with a toolbox, and you can try using a tool box as a car in a race. It can look absolutely amazing or weird , but believe me a toolbox can do flips EXTREMELY that to too quick, it can allow you possibly to do 5-6 flips in a row or even more if you have a high jump. You just have to make sure to land with the handle up, and to remain extra cautious that you are landing right side up.

Landing bonus:

The other way to boost the boost is to do big air and to do a perfect slam landing. In big air it all depends on your luck than the skills, and for a perfect slam landing you have to swipe down on your screen when your vehicle is in position so that it may land on its wheels. When it lands properly you get your bonus. And also for a mega boost string enough all of them together.

Treasure boxes:

As you keep on going and when you go as far as you can , you will be able to collect the boxes at the end of the stage because the farther you go and the more tricks that you do, will automatically fill your box with plenty number of coins, it means that you have better chances of collecting them as you move further. You are likely to get free cars through the gold and diamond boxes which you obtain.

Car usage:

The cars that you use are rated in rarity from 1 star to 5 stars. You have to keep as many rare ones around you as possible, and when you run out of room in your garage you will have to fuse the cars together. Although this requires a lot of cash, and it is hard to earn enough cash on every stage. Therefore, to earn more cash you will have to sell your cars that you don’t need, especially the one star cars. For an even bigger boost fuse a car with the same kind of car.

Boost Tricks:

Your only goal is to go as far as possible. There are certain tricks which you need to apply, because when you do tricks you get boost after you land the car, and while you are in the boost mode you won’t be using any gas. So you have to do as many tricks you can,like you can do flips by holding the screen or else do wheelies by tapping on the screen to manage only on your rear wheels – both of these tricks helps you earn boost. When you have a car that doesn’t jump well or when you aren’t jumping you can do loads of wheelies and boost up your car.