How To Get Rare Drops in For Honor


In the For Honor, Rare drops are like the loots you will receive when you keep ranking up in the battlefield. There are three types of rarity levels are available that are associated with loot. In the starting, you will receive low-level gears that give minor stat changes and in order to get high-level gears, you need to level up to increase the reputation of your character. The following guide shows how to level up faster to get rarity drops in the game.

For Honor Rare Drops

How to Get Rare Drops in For Honor:

When you are progressing though the game, you will get some loot according to your reputation level. The low-level reputation gets low-level gears in loots. At the Reputation level 1, you will receive a low level rare gear in the blue color.

You need to increase your rank to get the high-level rare gears. If you can achieve the reputation level 5, you will be getting a legendary gear in Purple with high stats. If you can manage to reach the highest level of reputation, you can also get the Mythic Outfit without purchasing it using the steel.

The raise in reputation depends on the level of the character you raise like you need to raise your character maximum to level 20 then reset the character to get the reputation points but you will lose all your Feats.

One more thing to keep in note is that only a few heroes can reset. So you need to concentrate on one character and keep upgrading your character from lower level to higher then you will get the rare gears after a while in the game.