How to Get Sagira’s Ghost Shell and Prophetic Arsenal Emblem

Destiny 2

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been grinding various events in Destiny 2 over the past few weeks trying to get enough materials to forge all the Lost Prophecy weapons. Whether it’s Advanced Paradox Amplifiers, Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, or Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms, you’ve been doing it all. But to what end? Well, Guardian, now we know, and you’re going to love this answer!

Sagira’s Shell

How to Get Sagira's Ghost Shell and Prophetic Arsenal Emblem
Sagira’s ShellDestiny Tracker • Fair Use

Sagira’s Shell is an exotic ghost shell that will be awarded to Guardians who have forged all available Lost Prophecy weapons in the Lighthouse on Mercury. Its perks are heavily focused towards use on Mercury. No surprise there. Here’s what you can expect from this little exotic ghost shell:

  • You’re Welcome
    Detects caches and resources within a 75-meter range on Mercury.
  • Omni-Telemetry
    Generate Gunsmith telemetry data on any elemental weapon kills.
  • Scion of Mercury
    Increased Glimmer and chance to obtain additional faction consumables on Mercury.

This is definitely a worthwhile ghost shell to equip. Aside from the coolness factor, the 75 meter range of detection is much higher than what most ghosts offer. It also provides telemetry data on any elemental weapons, as opposed to just on certain flavors. For Guardians like me, who are still looking to complete their armor set from Brother Vance, the additional faction consumables are also a welcome addition.

After you’ve received the ghost shell, you can also purchase it from Ikora Rey for 100 Legendary Shards.

Prophetic Arsenal Emblem

How to Get Sagira's Ghost Shell and Prophetic Arsenal Emblem
Prophetic Arsenal Emblem • Bungie • Fair Use

Another award that Guardians receive upon forging all Lost Prophecy weapons is the Prophetic Arsenal emblem. The name is a dead giveaway as it clearly refers to the full arsenal of weapons that you’ve spent that past three weeks of your life dedicated to.

The emblem does have a nifty little perk as well. It will track kills across any of the Lost Prophecy weapons. You’ve kept at least a few of them, haven’t you?

So there you have it. Do you think these rewards are worthwhile, considering the serious amount of time it takes to forge all the Lost Prophecy weapons? Don’t forget that you can also get the legendary Saint-14’s Perfect Paradox shotgun and find more guides to various secrets around Destiny 2 in our Guide Hub.