How to get Sunset Overdrive Collectibles Location Guide exclusively for Xbox One

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is an open-world, third person shooter game developed by Insomniac games for Xbox One. On this page, you’ll find the Sunset Overdrive Collectibles location guide where you can find a total of 859 Sunset Overdrive Collectibles which includes 150 Gassy Balloons, 20 High Points, 150 Overcharge Signs, 150 Cameras, 40 Smart phones, 150 Toilet Paper, 150 Stinky Shoes, 40 Billboards and 9 Satellites. You’ll be rewarded as per your discovery in-game and its challenging as there’s a lot to collect.

Sunset Overdrive

Through this guide you will get collectibles such as Balloons, High Points, Overcharge Signs, Cameras, Smart phones, Toilet Paper, Shoes, Billboards and Satellites. All we got to do is, to find out on how to get 100% of these collectibles in the game. So here’s a location guide for it:

All these above given collectible types have their own separate map. So in order to reveal each collectible, you got to buy each map from the Two Hat Jack’s store through the in-game map and find them. The total amount of money that will cost, will be 225,000 overcharge.

If you ae still not sure, go through the below video: