How to get the best Warlock Helmets in Destiny

 How to get the best Warlock Helmets in Destiny

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Warlock Helmets are nothing but protection to players head in Destiny. Better the Warlock Helments better the protection. Well if you are reading this article then obviously you too have the curiosity to get the best Warlock Helmet to protect your head in Destiny.

Warlock Helmets are of different styles and qualities with various upgrades available for better survival.

Skull of Dire Ahamkara

Skull of Dire Ahamkara Warlock Helmet looks awesome like a real Skull and it provides good protection as well. It can be fetched during random loots. The unique thing about Skull of Dire Ahamkara is Delusions of Grandeur.


Skull of Dire Ahamkara comes with following upgrades and features:

  • Upgrade Defense: Increases defense power allowing Armour to absorb more damage.
  • Energy Protection: Increases distance of grenade throw.
  • Quintessence Transfer: Replenish Super energy when you kill an enemy with a grenade.
  • Delusions of Grandeur: Improves siphon abilities and reduces damage while using Nova Bombs.

Light Beyond Nemesis

It really looks cool and can be decrypted from Legendary and Exotic Engrams at the Cryptarch or you can buy it from Xur in exchange for 13 strange coins. Offers unique upgrade called keeper of the pack.


You should be of Level 20 Guardian to obtain it.

Light Beyond Nemesis Offers following upgrades and features:

  • Upgrade Defense.
  • Keeper of the Pack: With this upgrade you can spawn additional orbs for your team mates. Faster revival of Fallen team mate and team mates can revive you as well, isn’t it handy upgrade to have?
  • Snap Discharge: Accelerates Melee attack speed.

Obsidian Mind

Released in The Dark Below (DLC). The Dark Below (DLC) can be brought from Xur for 13 strange coins. It can be found during random loots. It doesn’t looks much exciting, but has unique upgrades like inverse Shadows and Insatiable. You should be of Level 20 Guardian to obtain it.


Obsidian Mind Warlock Helmet offers following upgrades:

  • Upgrade Defense and Energy Protection.
  • Insatiable: Reduces cooldown of next Nova Bomb by Nova Bomb kills.
  • Inverse Shadows: Increases super energy after killing mionons of the Darkness.

Apotheosis Veil

Apotheosis Veil is my favorite Warlock helmet not only because it looks best among them but also because this is the best in unique way. Apotheosis Veil is an exotic Warlock helmet. It is obtainable through Legendary Engrams, or for 13 strange coins from Xur. Unique upgrade is Private Reserves.


You should be of Level 20 Guardian to obtain it.

Apotheosis Veil offers following upgrades:

  • Upgrade Defense.
  • Private Reserves : This upgrade regenerates your health immediately when you activate Super.
  • Serpent Tail: Decreases grenade cooldown after damage with melee.
  • Infusion: Fill ups health whenever take Orb of Light in your hands.