How to Get the Freefall Armor Legs in Fallout 4

 How to Get the Freefall Armor Legs in Fallout 4

Fallout 4

There are various different items to be collected throughout the wasteland, but the Freefall Armor Leg is the one of the Powerful Legendary Armor in Fallout 4. This Fallout 4 guide will show you how to get the Freefall Armor Legs and details on how to use them in the Game.

Fallout 4

The Legendary Freefall Leg Armor is nothing but a pair of left and right leg pieces which are so overpowered that you don’t take any damage if you fall off from any height. To Build this Legendary Armor, you need rare resource and equipment so without any further ado let’s begin with the Power Armor.

Build your Power Armor

The Legendary Freefall leg Armor is located at the Top of the Mass Fusion Building and as you know that there is no way to head to the Top Floor you must build a Power Armor with Jetpack to Reach the top Level. For the Jetpack, you can easily build in Power Armor Workbench to craft it as a Torso Mod.

Note: To Build one you require Science and Armorer perk abilities at Rank 4.

Top Floor of Mass Fusion

Now that the Jetpack and the Power Armor are ready to Climb the Mass Fusion Building which is near the Old Corner Bookstore and North of Goodneighbor. First Take the Elevator and Head up to the Fifth Floor then walk straight from the Corridor until you see a broken platforms for each floor look more of an open center chamber. If you’re unable to use the elevator then you must not have progressed much in the Main Story, but you have the alternate way to reach teh top Floor.

Take the Stairs and head up and you will reach Second Floor from there first unlock the hallway door. Now keep walking through the room until you reach a Room with a hole in the ceiling and can be used to jump to the next small room. This Room requires an Expert Level Lockpicking to unlock the door and you will reach the same place where you must have reached via elevator.

Look at the jumping Puzzled platforms and start jumping from one to another to reach the Top Level of the Mass Fusion Building. Remember that the Jetpack Action Points of Jumps are limited to height so make your move accordingly. Once you reach the Highest Platform where you see Small rooms tucked higher up there you will find your Legendary Armor.

Note: Always Quicksave before you make your Unstable move.

From the balcony continue to head towards the nearest room and consume Buffout as well as Nuka-Cola Quantum to slow down your time and then make your jump towards teh wall. Tap on the jump button again to boost a little and push you towards the small debris filled room. Grab all that is important to you including the Fusion Core from the Desk. Now One last jump towards the small room which is just across the gap and you will reach a small office with a locked safe which has teh Legendary Freefall Leg Armor along with various ammo.

Grab Everything you can and then you are ready to use teh Ultimate Freefall Leg Armor and Now Jump off from the Mass Fusion Building with this Legendary Armor and you see that no Damage is taken by the Armor.