How to Get the Gatling Gun in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Guide

 How to Get the Gatling Gun in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Guide

The Gatling Gun was a weapon of choice of the Youngest of Djura’s three companions which are known for the rapid-firing functionality and used to rain hell on the Old Yharnam. You can now get the Gatling Gun with the help of this Bloodborne DLC: The Old Hunter Guide.

Gatling Gun

How to Get the Gatling Gun

To obtain this powerful weapon, you need to fight against one of the most dangerous hunters. So without any further ado let’s get start with the location to start with, but before that let me warn you that you will require plenty of Blood Vials, Silver Bullets, and Sedatives in order to take this Hunter down.

Firstly from Hunter’s Nightmare head towards the room where you fought Ludwig then towards the right where you see a set of Cathedral stairs. Continue moving towards the blood stream where you will encounter two paths where left will take you to the first Boss and right is where you need to head.

While you move towards the Blood Stream you will be attacked by few powerful tick monsters and you need to watch out for their blood which they spit out as they are very vicious. Try not to draw any attention on the remaining monsters on the left and simply keep you way moving ahead. After passing ways the tick monsters, you will head inside the tunnel.

Once you get inside the Tunnel prepare to fight the Hunter and retrieve the Weapon you looking for. This Hunter wields the Gun himself so better be careful because the damage that this gun provides will kill you or damage critical. Try to Dodge his attacks and attack him as and him you get the chance. Avoid running away a from the Hunter as that might Heal him as well.


Once you slay this Hunter down grab the Gatling Gun and then escape the Tunnel because more dangerous beasts are waiting for you inside the tunnel. There you go with another weapon added to your collection. Try using it with Single Silver bullet as it fires 5 quick shots.