How to get the Holotape Games in Fallout 4

 How to get the Holotape Games in Fallout 4

Holotapes are nothing but mini-games that can be played on your Pip-Boy. There are five hidden games in total and you need to unlock only four of them as the first is unlocked by default. These retro games can be played whenever you want to, but first you need to collect them all. This Fallout 4 Guide will provide you with the details on how to obtain the Holotape Games.

Fallout 4

As we mentioned there are 5 types of Holotape Games in Fallout 4 and as you have your first hands on the first Holotape you’ll unlock Future Retro achievement. let’s have a look at all the Holotapes and which game do they provide. If you want to access the game then you must go to Misc tab in inventory section through Pip-Boy.

Red Menace

To get the Red Menace Holotape, need to enter the Vault-Tec Recreation Terminal just before entering the room with the electricity shooting(The waypoint) while escaping the Vault 111. In that room, you’ll find the Red Menace Holotape and to have fun.

In Red Menace, you have to climb the ladders and reach the top level to rescue the Women, but while climbing the ladder you must avoid all the fireballs and nuclear bombs on your way.

Atomic Command

The Atomic Command Holotape Games is like the classic missile game where you need to take control over the stationary turrets and shoot the rockets and ships which are trying to destroy the earth’s 8 locations. The locations such as New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, St. Louis, and Mount Rushmore.


In Pipfall, you play as a vault-boy who traverse through extremely dangerous jungles to collect all 5 bobbleheads before the time runs out.

Grognak The Barbarian and the Ruby Ruins

The Grognak The Barbarian and the Ruby Ruins is a text RPG in which you begin by rounding up an adventuring party and you will be given a story, and after reading it, you have to make a decision which will decide what will happen next in the game.

Zeta Invaders

In Zeta Invaders, you will be piloting a vehicle and shoot all the invaders who are creeping towards you.

That’s all for the Holotapes in Fallout 4, do check our other Fallout 4 Guides and Wiki.