How to get to and leave the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact

In and out.

When players first install the 1.6 update for Genshin Impact, there will be a couple of steps that they need to complete before they can visit the Golden Apple Archipelago whenever they like.

First, they will need to go and speak with the Klee at the Knights of Favonius headquarters in Mondstadt, and help her with the Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown quest. This will result in Klee, Barbara, Jean, the Traveler, and Paimon all heading to the islands.

After that, they will need to find and light all the devices, that is to say, all the teleport points in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Once that is done, they are free to explore the area as they choose, play through the various events, and find the Echoing Conches for the Echodies Tales event.

To enter or leave the area, players will need to open their map. In the bottom right of the screen they will be able to see the name of the area that they are in with a prompted button beside it.

Hitting this button will bring up a side bar that shows Teyvat, the Serenitea Pot, or the Archipelago. They can then pick which map they want to look at, select a teleport point, and travel there. It’s that easy to jump between both maps, or the Serenitea Pot, if they want to.