How To Get Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone in Nioh


In the Nioh, the Umi-bozu’s Eyestone is the rarest material which is dropped by Umi-bozu boss enemy once you beat him. This is the rarest ingredient which is used to craft the powerful Fanatics Armor Set. The following guide shows how to get the Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone in the game.

Umibozu Eyestone

Where To Find Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone in Nioh:

  • The Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone is one of the rewards from The Ocean Roars Again Main Mission in the region of Chugoku. It is a dropped material from enemy Umi-Bozu, which can be used to craft the Fantastic Armor Set.
  • In order to craft the armor, you need 1x Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone for each piece of the armor set and 4 in total. Even so, you can farm this early in the game but you can’t get your hands on the Fantastic Armor Set until you reach level 90 above.
  • When you reach the level around 80 and have grabbed some skills you can defeat the Umi-Bozu boss easily and can craft your own Fantastic Armor Set.

Check the video by GamersHeroes below for more information on how to get Umi Bozu’s Eyestone in the Nioh.