How to get Unique Head Skins in Umbrella Corps


Another enter in the Resident Evil universe – The Umbrella Corps. The game will be set in 2015 which is 12 years after the collapse of the Umbrella Corps(2003). The player will take control of a Mercenary from two different corporations to eliminate the hostile players. The game also features to customize your character, looks, skins and much more. This guide will show you how to apply the Wesker, Barry, Jake, Chris and Leon Head Skins on your character.

How to get Unique Head Skins

How to get Unique Head Skins

Even though the game is a competitive multiplayer shooter that features zombies, Capcom has managed to keep the players happy with all the customization items which are purely cosmetic. During your customization, there are a number of things which will be locked and need certain Player Level to unlock it, but there are also some Unique Mask which can be accessed early in the game. Follow all the Steps carefully and get the Mask for your character.

Step 1:

From the Menu Click on ‘Online

Step 2:

Select your ‘Team Match‘ then Click on ‘Customize

Step 3:

In the First ‘Outfit‘ section go to ‘Change Outfit

Step 4:

On the Tab right next to Change Outfit you will have 5 option and You must select the 3 Option to check the Mask.

Step 5:

There are total 15 masks and the Last Five is what you are looking for and all Unlocked.

Step 6:

Confirm the Skin. Enjoy.

umbrella-corps-barry-mask.jpg umbrella-corps-chris-mask.jpg umbrella-corps-jake-mask.jpg umbrella-corps-leon-mask.jpg umbrella-corps-wesker-mask.jpg