How to get unlimited Blood Vials in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

 How to get unlimited Blood Vials in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Blood Vials in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters plays a very important role in the game as it is the healing item which refills your health and prepare you to get ready to survive the other horrors that awaits. With the help of this Glitch, you can get an unlimited amount of Blood Vials and don’t need to fear more if you have used the most of them.

Unlimited Blood Vials

This Glitch was on an Old Hunter that don’t even attack, gets easily killed and provides you five valuable blood vials every time he dies. We are not sure if you might face the glitch at the similar place, but if you encounter any Old Hunter getting killed without even attacking then that’s your Farming Spot. So Let us share what and where we encountered this glitch or some issue with game mechanics.

How to get unlimited Blood Vials

Whenever you meet a tough boss or in a very critical damage during the battle you make use of these Blood Vials in order to regenerate the health and help you survive against the powerful Hunters. Now talking about the Glitch which we mentioned above can be located near the Metal Gate.

First start from the Nightmare Church Lamp then heading towards the room where you first fought Ludwig. From here kill the witch who is standing above the hill then head down towards the metal gate where you will find this bloody skeletal Hunter. All you need to do is hit him once or twice and he will be dead dropping 5 blood vials in return. He is your Blood Vials Farming machine so come here whenever you are out of Blood Vials.


Note: There are Two crows hanging around this gate so better be prepared.

Let us know if you have already discovered this in the game already or if you have some more to share in the comments below.