How to get Westbound: A Pioneer Adventure Time Extension, Quest Rewards and Earn Resources, Tips and Tricks

Westbound : A Pioneer Adventure is a new city building game designed for iOS and Android users. It is a game where you explore yourself and experience adventure by finding treasures, solving mysteries, discovering trails and your prime goal here is to create your own civilization. On this page, you’re going to read on for some tips and tricks with strategy guide for Westbound: A Pioneer Adventure!

Westbound: A Pioneer Adventure

How to get Westbound: A Pioneer Adventure Time Extension, Quest Rewards and Earn Resources

Time Extension

As you start playing, you’ll get to know that in this game there’s too much to do and very less time to complete it. So to lessen the wait time we would suggest you to set the time a bit ahead on your phone and then return to your game. You can probably set it at about double the length of time it takes to complete the task because sometimes the server won’t register the time that you set. Thus, you have to make sure about the time length and once when you’re done you can go back to your game. And after collecting everything you will have to set the actual time through date and time menu and return back to the game, where you’ll find everything as it is.

Quest Rewards

If you got nothing to do or are confused where to go next, the best thing you could do is run towards the quests at the left side of your screen and try to complete them. If you go for these quests you’ll be earning the best rewards ever and they will also help you in farming for silver, pickaxes, gold and tonics. And if you want to earn these items for free, you can go to the in-app purchase store and from there pick the “EARN” option at the left, beside there will be a blank space for the four resources. Later if you complete the offers, an offer wall will pop up on your screen where you will earn free silver, pickaxes, gold or tonic, where you will have to choose any one.

Earning of Resources

There’s one more way to earn these resources and that is through Tapjoy, all you got to do is go the the Tapjoy website. After you login and finish the search of the Westbound: A Pioneer Adventure, you’ll find offers related to the game and you got to complete them (they are quite easy eg. downloading apps). And as all of these are free, you’re going to earn a lots of resources.