How to get your Dwellers 100% happiness in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a game where you have to manage the city in terms of Vaults. You need to manage and produce new resources, bring new dwellers to the vault and maintain their happiness. This guide will help you to achieve 100% happiness for your vault dwellers.

Getting 100% happiness is not an easy task in fallout shelter, but if you follow the correct task and tricks you might be able to achieve it. The easiest way to achieve 100% happiness is by taking your dwellers continuously to the living room and let them have so good time. This is only for a male and a female dweller in one living room. If the living room is big enough then maintain the ratio i.e. The males should always be equal to females. For example 2 males than 2 females in one room.

The happiness of dwellers will grow rapidly when they have some good time in the Living room. Good time means they are having sex, as and when they finish the male dweller comes out first followed by the female dweller with a noticeably large stomach. This indicates that the woman is now pregnant and her happiness will go up as well as the male’s happiness. Producing babies always works. Keep swapping them from one male with another female and so on. If you are short of rooms then extend it by building another Living room right next to the other. This will extend the room and take more dwellers in one room. You can also triple the room.

Another Trick to get the dwellers happiness 100% is by rushing the production rooms. A successful rush will gain happiness where else if a rush fails then the happiness will be decreased and the room will be attacked by the rada roaches or a fire breaks out. In such situations, you can either send everyone into the room to fight the raiders or you can empty the room by moving them to another room.

Always keep your resources high. You should have more production room and try making it double and triple. It is easy to keep the power, water, and food bars green when you multiple the rooms. The radiation damage(Red section in health bar) drops everyone’s happiness by 10% -15% as there is some shortage or production.

Hope this Guide was helpful and you can now get the dwellers happiness to 100%.