How to get your XBox 360 and Kinect Repaired

Microsoft has made it very easy to send your Xbox products for repair. If your product is in warranty they will reair the product for free, if not then you will have to pay for getting your Xbox product repaired. Here are the steps which will guide you through the process of setting up a repair for your non working Xbox product.


Step 1: Register your Xbox product (if you have not already)

You will need a Microsoft account to register your non working product. If you do not have a Microsoft account you can create it for free. This will be the same account that you will use for various Microsoft services. You will also need your Console or Kinect sensor serial number.

Step 2: Submit an online repair request

  • You will have to register your product before you submit a request for repair. Be ready with the serial number if you have not registered.
  • Go to Xbox Online Service Center and click Start Request
  • Register your product if necessary
  • Now select it from registered products by matching the serial number
  • Select Request a Repair and follow the procedure
  • Note down the Service Request number after the process completes
  • Check for the confirmation email containing the Service Request numberon your registered email id.
  • To verify the warranty status of your registered product, go to Check your warranty status.

Step 3: Send the product

  • To send the product for repair, you should remove all the accessories and send only the console or sensor.
  • Attach the label with shipping details to the box and send it to the Service Centre.
  • To check the repair status go to the Online Service Center, you will receive your product back within 12 to 18 days.

That’s it, after this process, your Xbox product is ready to be back in action.