How to Go Beast Mode & Get the Beast’s Embrace Rune in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC

 How to Go Beast Mode & Get the Beast’s Embrace Rune in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC

The Beast’s Embrace Caryll Rune is finally included in the Old Hunters and turning on the Beast Mode is in every Bloodborne player’s wish list. You can now unlock various abilities and newly added Attacks simply by adding Beast Claw during the Beast Mode. This Old Hunters Guide we will show how to get the Beast’s Embrace Rune and turn on the Beast Mode.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

This Guide Contains few SPOILERS so you can read at your own risk. To obtain the Beast’s Embrace Rune, you must be at the Hunter’s Nightmare instead of the City of Yharnam. So without any further ado lets begin with the Hunt.

Head To The Cathedral

Now that you get inside the Hunter’s Nightmare you’ll notice a similar version of Yharnam, but do not get distracted and continue moving towards the Cathedral Ward where you first fought Vicar Amelia in the regular city. Look at the back of the room where you see a dead Cleric Beast with Eye Pendant in her hand so simply grab it and keep moving.

Eliminating Ludwig

Further, you will encounter Ludwig who is supposed to be the first Hunter of the Church. Remember him? He was the one whom you killed and retrieved the weapon in Bloodborne(First part). Once you collect the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge, then the two powerful weapons Ludwig’s Holy Blade and Ludwig’s Rifle will be unlocked. These weapons are very powerful and they can take down enemies with ease.

Now Looking at Ludwig you notice he no longer uses his weapons(the Holy Blade), but he has turned into a very strong Beast so better get ready to Dodge and attack such Hunter. Once you are close enough to defeat, another Leader of the League ‘Valtr’ will try to distract Ludwig and now you have the chance to attack him from behind. Collect all the Items after defeating him and Continue heading to the next room via stairs.

The Healing Church and Use of The Altar

Inside the Large Room, you will encounter 2 more Hunter and one of them will be attacking from a distance whereas other will be moving very fast to attack you. Defeat them and then head to the next room to interact with the Altar. Insert the Eye Pendant(the one from the Cathedral) on the Altar which will help you enter the next area. Now you must be ready to for the next challenge so we recommend to head back to the Hunter’s Dream and prepare yourself.

Now simply make your way back to the room with the two hunter and Fast Travel to the Underground Corpse Pile the same area where you fought Ludwig and then back to the room where you entered in. You will notice a new Surgery Altar will be placed in front of you. Interact with it and grab the Laurence’s Skull from the top of this Altar. This Skull is none other than a normal human skull of that Cleric Beast. After obtaining the Skull head to the Cathedral and wake the Cleric Beast.


Defeat Laurence and The First Vicar

As soon as you interact with the Cleric Beast, she will wake up and you must kill it before she kills you. This was the first and easiest Cleric Beast you came across in Bloodborne. After Killing her fire has been added to the mix and you emerge victoriously and in return you will be granted with the Beast’s Embrace Rune which you are hunting for so long.

Turing on the Beast Mode

After obtaining the Beast’s Embrace Rune, the only thing left is turning into the Beast Mode. Directly head back to the Hunter’s Dream and equip the newly added Caryll Rune and then exit the Menu. You see your now officially in the Beast Mode. In Beast Mode, you will be able to provide significantly more damage to the enemies and also take more damage as well. The Only way to improve this feature is by Mastering the art of dodging and parrying.