How to Handle Groups of Enemies in For Honor

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In the For Honor, there is no specific option to handle the group of enemies at once on your own. However, you can use few options when you are in the battle field and get caught in a situation where you will be surrounded by enemies and can’t handle all the enemies at once to get out of the situation, you can try to handle all the enemies around you at once with this trick and the following guide shows the trick to handle group of enemies in the game.

For Honor Tackle Group

Handling Group of Enemies in For Honor:

You should always try to avoid the situation where you get caught in the middle of the enemy. If in case if you are surrounded by the enemy, you can try to fight the enemy in front of you first by engaging one on one battle by avoiding the attacks from other enemies by guarding yourself.

If you can’t get free from the situation even after that and about to die then you can perform the Zone attack that will affect the surrounding enemies by pressing the heavy attack and light attack buttons at the same time. You can take the advantage of the situation to get free from the enemies and get back to the one on one battle.

Use the Zone attack when you are in a helpless situation only as it consumes half of the stamina. You can’t afford to lose half of the stamina when you are in the battle field as you will be an easy target for the enemy.