How to import Dance Central songs into Dance Central 2

So guys Dance Central launch is just around the corner, the game is schedule to launch on October 21. Microsoft has confirmed that Dance Central gamers will be able to import their songs to forthcoming sequel, Dance Central 2 via Import method.

Dance Central 2 box art

Now a Step by Step guide is out that gives out complete details on how this IMPORT PROCESS actuall works. Check out the guide below:

Step 1:

  • Launch Dance Central 2 game on your Xbox console.

Step 2:

  • Make sure you are signed into an Xbox LIVE enabled game profile.

Step 3:

  • From the main game menu, select OPTIONS.

Step 4:

  • Select REDEEM CODE.

Step 5:

  • Enter the 16 digit code printed on the back of your original Dance Central game manual. If you pre-ordered Dance Central 2 at a participating retailer, enter the token number printed on the digital receipt you received with the game (you might have this, you might not! If not, move on!)

Step 6:

  • Follow the on screen instructions to purchase the Dance Central Import Pack.

Step 7:

  • If you have a 25-digit pre-order code, follow the instructions you received to redeem that code for the 400 point value.

Step 8:

  • Song files will begin downloading automatically and will be added to your song library upon completion