How to improve the efficiency in Magic Duels: Origin

Magic Duels is a successor of the earlier video game Magic: The Gathering. It is a popular card game with story mode which covers the origin story of five of the game’s Planeswalkers. With the Game release, there were doubts from players on how to increase the game efficiency so make the game playable. So Here is the complete guide to improving the efficiency for the Magic Duels Origins.

How to improve the efficiency in Magic Duels: Origins?

The in-game setup is for the advanced player(professional) who have already played the Magic: The Gathering. Also, the settings are open and can be adjusted depending on the player. Different player may have different game approach so it may vary from player to player. For example, ‘Order Blockers Automatically’ option will be ticked for the players by default but if you want you can un-tick it. This will give you al-together a different game experience. TTo have a complete control over the game you need to adjust the settings to normal. To adjust the settings you can follow the process.

Go to:

Help & Options > Settings > Gameplay

And check and uncheck the boxes as shown in the below image(recommended for beginners)

Magi Duels Origins Settings

Hope this setup helps you to speed up the game or else you can try your own settings and adjust accordingly.