How to Increase Health, Stamina and Ki of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Characters

Dragon Ball Xenoverse offers eight amazing characters at your disposal. The creators of this game have put in amazing efforts players being able to customize their characters. Chose this feature well and built superstrong characters.

Unlike the previous games of the series that usually follow the original Dragon Ball canon, “XenoVerse” will feature an entire new story, featuring the player’s custom character.

How to Increase Health, Stamina and Ki of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Characters:

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

How to Increase Health of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Characters

Increasing or balancing your characters health will totally depend on the race it belongs to. But if your focus is on maximum health, put in more points in this category and boom, you will have stronger character to fight for you. If you want your Saiyan to fight longer in battles, increase the max Health, as they have low health initially.

In case of Namekians it is alright if you do not focus on health, they already have high stats and survive longer in battles. Unlike Saiyans, Majins can defend themselves better as compared to other races.

How to Increase Ki of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Characters

For the players who love to use super attacks, the Ki meter should be of top most importance. You can use a variety of moves if you like to use techniques based on Ki.

On the other hand you would not need the Ki based moves if you are more into melee fights. If you are an Earthling the meter will refill on its own but it wont be of much use to you. For others ki meter will refill overtime without you taking any kind of special efforts.

How to Increase Stamina of Dragon Ball Xenoverse Characters

Adding points to the Stamina category depends upon the race of your character. Since all the playable characters have their set of strengths and weaknesses, you will be the one who will smartly decide what suits best for your character.

Even if you do not want to fully focus on Stamina, I would suggest not to ignore it. If you want a balanced character put atleast twenty percent of your points to the Max Stamina category.

Decide the percentage you will put in the Max Stamina depending on you character, Namekians tend to replenish stamina faster and Majins have low stamina recovery. Balance this category accordingly.