How to Infiltrate High-Level FOBs in MGS V: The Phantom Pain Ultimate Guide

 How to Infiltrate High-Level FOBs in MGS V: The Phantom Pain Ultimate Guide

You can now sneak any FOBs with high security without alerting any guard and triggering any alarm. This Ultimate FOB Guide will provide you with a detailed walkthrough on how to infiltrate 4/4 or high-level security FOBs in MGS V: The Phantom Pain. There will be the guide in two sections one will cover Infiltration of the whole Platform and second will be The Strut or Deck.

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Which Loadout to Use

Everyone has their own gaming style and strategy, but if you are still having difficulty to win over high-security FOB then you must try playing with the loadout recommended below:

Primary Weapons:

When you try to infiltrate there is about 99% chance that a guard will see you and reflex mode will be triggered, so you need a weapon that takes them out during the slo-mo. The Weapons like any shotgun of level 5 AIR-S can knock a guy(fully armored body) out with 2 shots whereas the UN-ARC NL will knock a guy out with just 1 shot(when the face is hit). So we prefer to use Slot one: UN-ARC NL (STN Rifle) or S1000 AIR-S (STN Shotgun) and both should be SILENCED.

As you shot by any STN Weapons, the guard will scream and alert those around him. Whereas Lethal weapons don’t alert, but you’ll lose heroism for every kill and also a no-kill bonus for not killing any(Obviously). Any silenced DMG rifle or shotgun should do the trick if you don’t mind losing them(heroism/bonus). So we prefer to use Slot two: SERVAL AMR-7 (DMG Sniper) or ALM 48 (DMG Log) and both should be SILENCED.

Secondary Weapons:

For the Secondary weapons, I prefer Slot one: WU S. PISTOL or BURKOV TB as these don’t make any noise and they knock out guys for longer periods. Having said that these pistols don’t even stagger guys and they have a lower fire rate, so it’s risky to use in reflex mode. Also not loading Arm because we won’t be using Snake in this Raid strategy.

Support Weapons:

Magazines and Decoys are the only things you need, as you need to distract the guards while you sneak past them.


NVG and Noctocyanin pill are the much-needed items for a successful Raid. Start using the NVG and mark guards while in the chopper. Once you’re on the ground use the Noctoyanin pills to mark all the guards around, to avoid guards sudden surprise.


You need to trust me on this and do not involve Snake in this strategy. Instead, use a Combat Staff Unit, particularly the one with the Gunman perk as it gives you additional time in reflex mode and it definitely makes a huge difference. We also recommend using a lower ranked soldier as you don’t have to worry about him dying.


Just Go with the Sneaking Suit or Camo Suit and explanation is given in the sections below. Just make sure you equip on of the two only.

Once the Loadout is Over let’s begin with the Strategy/Tips/Tricks and Cheats

Crawling Helps:

The FOB guards have eagle eyes, but only when you’re not crawling. Crawling makes you very much less visible than while standing or crouching. So we prefer to crawl 80% of the time, rest 20% should be you crouching just to climb the stairs. AVOID standing, running or sprinting.

Hunt UAV’s

While you’re climbing a pipe or a ladder, these UAV drones can easily spot you. Hence, it is very important to hunt these pesky drones down. Don’t hesitate to use your DMG weapon to shoot them out of the sky, but just make sure you move away quickly as the guards will be alerted to the explosion.

Can I be a little Loud?

The Main strategy of this Guide is that you raid in highest possible security so just remove it from your head that you’re going to complete the mission(4/4 FOBs) without shooting anything. As long as you quickly move away from the noise you can shoot guards with STN guns, shooting UAVs, Claymores, Cameras or even worst leaving bodies around. Guards always know that someone is going down so it’s better to make it quick and avoid being spotted as these will make the guards stand down.

Keep Marking

While in the chopper, make use of the NVG and make the possible marking dudes as you’ll have a sense(on the ground) of where the guards are and in return improving your chances of sneaking in undetected.

Which Routes to Select

After the Loadout and Tactics of the Gameplay here we need to decide a proper Route to land so that tall the above tricks work in the right place. So Talking about the Platform Layout, they are all the same and the route that suits best is the one nearest to the bridge connecting to the next strut.

Now once your one the ground, climb the stairs nearby and realize that between you and the bridge is an open area filled with a few guards. To avoid them you need to crawl your way to the bridge, particular to the ladder which you can drop down, but if you see the guards are nearby then you need to distract them with magazines or decoys and then start crawling.

Once you climb up to the underside of the bridge, you’ll have 2 path choices, either you take left or right. Both will end up with a little difference but still I recommend the right path.

Right Path:

IT will take you to an open area that’s near the bridge. Use the same tactic as before(Distract & Crawl) and you’ll immediately reach the next bridge already. Or if you end up reaching a ladder instead then it will lead you to an a narrower path which is slightly harder to sneak past. Crawl your way to the right and you’ll see an it’s the same route as before.

Left Path:

The Left Path is not a bad idea either as walking along the catwalk you’ll usually see some sensors, a camera and a guard there. If you’re planning to take out the guard then make sure he is near the first sensor right underneath the camera, to avoid the camera detection. Keep crawling until you see a big pipe for you to climb and then left until you see the ladder to the bridge.

Mistake you should Avoid

  • Before climbing ladders/ pipes Not checking your surroundings
  • Crawling into mines
  • Instead of holding accidentally tapping the crouch button
  • Not watching where you dive to

In the End, you can now easily penetrate and raid any high-level FOB. If any doubt or want to add something just post them below in the comments.