How to Install MSN Gaming Zone on PC

Well are you looking for steps which can guide you properly on How you can install MSN gaming Zone then you are on Right Place. .

First let me tell you what you get in MSN Gaming Zone:

  • More than 90 games you can play free
  • Can Download trails of various known games for free
  • 300 games for a subscription of a monthly fees of $14.99

Follow the below the Steps and and you will successfully have MSN Gaming Zone install

System Requirement for MSN Gaming Zone

  • Processor Required: 486 or a equivalent or higher
  • Space on Hard Drive: 8 MB minimum

If you fulfill the above system requirement then follow steps give below:

  • Go to the official website of the MSN Gaming Zone there you will find various section out of which one will be Subscription click on it, if you want to download the complete retail version then it requires you to click on the Subscription link provided as a Button which read as “Subscribe Now”.
  • Click on “Subscribe Now” button
  • Sign up with your MSN Email address and Give your Credit Card or Debit Card detail for paying the Subscription Monthly fees which is $14.99.
  • Then Click on Download tab and save the installation program that is file on your Hard Drive
  • Go to Hard Drive location and Start the installation program and follow the instruction to complete the installation properly.
  • Now as you finish your Installation launch the MSN Gaming Zone and enjoy yourself.
  • If your are still unable to install your MSN Gaming Zone please report your problem as a comment to this article we will help you in solving your problem. Enjoy.