How to Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Want to go ahead of your friends in terms of level of play in Multiplayer Mode of Call for Duty Modern Warfare 2. Just follow the simple steps given below and you will be ahead of your friends.

But Keep one thing in mind don’t you dare to cheat in an online play of Call for Duty Modern Warfare 2, if caught cheating you will be facing a ban.

Follow the below step but yes at your own risk in an online play:

Step 1: When you start the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 first thing you do is select the multiplayer split screen option available

Step 2: After this, log on with your profile or with the game profile whose level of play you want to move up.

Step 3: You need an extra profile which you can you will be using as your opponent or target. So log on with that also, if you don’t hae create a new profile and use it as your target.

Step 4: Now have your selection of guns which you need to upgrade. You have a option of change your selection at any time.

Step 5: Next select the death match team and do some these settings,

  • Kill Limit: Maximum
  • Time: Unlimited
  • Kill Cam: OFF
  • No respawn delay

Step 6: Now get ready to play by just choosing your desire map in which you want to play and get started.

Step 7: Target your opponent and destroy and kill him as many time as you wish and if got statisfied with your rank you achieve stop.

Step 8:
Now upgrade your weapons and guns by selecting create a class and use them and repeat again.

But again i am warning you don’t use this tips in an online play of Modern Warfare 2 if caught you will be ban. Still have desire go ahead All the Best. Do leave a response to this article and post your comment