How To Level Up Fast In Destiny: House of Wolves DLC

 How To Level Up Fast In Destiny: House of Wolves DLC

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Are you willing to speed up the process of levelling up your rank in Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves? We have four tasks that will bring you to have 4 pieces of gear leveled up to Light Level 42. Thanks to those, if your character was level 30 before starting the expansion, you will immediately get right to level 34.

Destiny: House of Wolves

Step 1: Ascend a piece of Exotic Armor

This requires an Exotic Shard and a full leveled piece of Exotic Armor. Check with the Variks Vendor in the Vestian Outpost before choosing which piece of Armor to ascend.

Step 2: Complete all the Story Missions

Progress the story as this will unlock the level 32 The Prison of Elders mission. Once you complete it, you will receive an Armor Core. The Armor Core is meant to be traded with the Variks Vendor in the Vestian Outpost, which will grant you a Kellbreaker’s Gloves (Legendary Gauntlets) and add a new Light Level of 42.

Step 3: Complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike

Completing the Weekly Nightfall Strike could allow you to get some Etheric Light. Etheric Light is helpful in levelling up any piece of Legendary gear to the Light level 42.

Step 4: Complete The Prison of Elders Mission

Completing The Prison of Elders mission will give you the rewards you need to get the fourth piece of gear to Light level 42. There’s another way – getting a second piece of Etheric Light from the Weekly Nightfall Strike – but this requires you to be extremely lucky.