How to level up fast in Destiny, Latest Tips and Tricks

 How to level up fast in Destiny, Latest Tips and Tricks

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Some tips & trick for Destiny to help you in your game. It is an first-person shooting game with multiplayer option. Written by Joseph Staten, Dave Mongan and Joshua Rubin developed by Bungie and publishing it on a ten-year publishing deal with Activision. The game was released on 9th September 2014 on gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Here are some tips and tricks which will help you level up smartly in Destiny:

How to destroy Destiny Spider Tank/ Devil walker

To take down the wild beast Devil walker here is a good trick & tip. Shoot the yellow lights on the legs of the beast the neck when it opens. Take out parts of it off by shooting it which will make some of its weapons useless, small weapons on the tank by precision strikes can be taken down. Every time you damage the leg of the beast the core will open.

How to kill smartly in Destiny

For a high chances of killing your opponent just shoot before you aim down your sight. You can’t see properly when you do this so make sure you are hitting before your ADS is close quarters, its not even a best option for you. Hip fire and Melee.

How to Farm for Uncommon gear in Destiny

Keep on completing the Devil’s Lair Strike Mission continuously to get uncommon gear per completion, after you reach level 8. In a good gear you will want an secondary function and uncommon gear provides you exactly the same. Uncommon gears are known for their rare functions.

How to upgrade items in Destiny before they convert into Bounties

Go to the Tower and walk straight up the stairs and then left when you reach the level 5. You will see a robot, go talk to the robot to pick up bounties from the Bounty Board. Like Achievement challenges bounties are the same for experience for single and multiplayer.

First equip any item that you want to upgrade and then cash in the bounties which will give you experience and that will upgrade the item with your experience. For shiny new rare item to become more powerful in less time, most items will upgrade with couple of bounties.

How to upgrade weapons and armor in Destiny

You can unlock special bonuses on uncommon weapons and Armour when they level up and a low level gun can turn into a terrifying killing weapon. So don’t forget uncommon weapons and amours level up as you use them. Check your gear every time you level up to see pieces which are outdated and need replacing don’t forget to do that.