How to make money selling cars in Grand Theft Auto V Online

Cash delivery.

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Money is what makes the world turn in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. If you want to get the best vehicles, weapons, residences, and other items in the game, you need to gather the proper amount of cash. Sure, doing Heists and other jobs is a good way to get money, but there is a simple way to get yourself a good chunk of change quickly. Here is how to sell cars in GTA Online.

How to sell cars in Grand Theft Auto V Online

Selling cars in Grand Theft Auto V Online is simple. First, get any car you are looking to sell. This can be something you own personally or a random car that you come across on the street unless it is owned by another player. Drive it to any Los Santos Customs and head in. As soon as the menu pops up, move down to sell, and you can see how much they are willing to offer you for that vehicle.

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If you bring in a car that is damaged, the employee will offer you less money, so try to bring it in with fewer bullet holes and dents. Cars that have more modifications to them will get more money, but don’t spend money on upgrading a car you are looking to sell because you will only get about half of the value back.

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Most cars you get on the street are pretty common, so don’t expect a lot of cash from them, but if you keep grabbing them and dropping them off quickly at Los Santos Customs, you will get some nice side money for purchases. There are also some cars that the Customs employee will say are “too hot” and will not take, so don’t spend too much time looking for a specific car if you want to make money this way. The big cash will come from your customized vehicles in your garage, but you will get less than what you paid for them all together.